The Changing Paradigm and the value of CuRisApp from the eyes of the healthcare worker

As the Healthcare marketplace evolves and becomes more fluid, it is now vital for the savvy healthcare worker to explore beyond the traditional agency contracting model; indeed, a number of the more interesting and lucrative contracts are simply no longer being made available to agencies at all, but are being offered directly by healthcare organisations themselves. There is an urge to jump on this bandwagon but the avenues to do so are limited and so we created CuRisApp.

Why Should I Freelance at all?

Direct contracting makes it easier for the freelancer to secure a working status outside of the HMRC IR35 regulations, making the self-employed status much more transparent. Indeed, the very act of subscribing to the CuRisApp Service will, ipso facto, indicate your serious freelancer credentials.

Typically, a higher rate is on offer from the client than would be available if the same contract was being offered via an agency intermediary. This is because there is no agency intermediary to take a margin out of the pot.

It is the more enlightened and higher-tier organisations which are offering directly to freelancers, as they are the ones with the developed in-house infrastructure; increasingly, the very best contracts are now getting nowhere near the traditional agency sector.

The organisation becomes your client, not the agency’s, and this enables you to build a client portfolio which is genuinely your own.

You have access to your client from the outset, and this is particularly important in the current COVID-19 climate, since it enables you to negotiate your own working arrangements directly with the client, enabling clarity from the outset.

Direct access makes it easier to negotiate specific contract terms.

How Can I Find Direct Jobs to Freelance?

Previously, it has been very difficult for the Freelancer to actually find genuine direct contracts, on anything other than an ad hoc basis. We are determined to change that by addressing this very issue at the core – by providing the very best current market intelligence on non-agency contracts via a searchable database, auto matched to your location, specific skills & requirements along with a daily inbox feed of the most recent roles, giving members easy access to the very best current direct contracts.

As a member, you can also set up your own direct contract alerts, ensuring that you will never miss the latest contracts that match your particular Clinical Specialisms, Experience & Skill sets. So, go check out how you can take control of your working life back from the agencies, and how you can find those top contracts that the agencies will never advertise.

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