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We work with you to achieve...

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    Increased staff bank growth and fill rates for safe staffing levels

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    Stress alleviated from you, your colleagues and clinicians

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    Automated tasks, giving you back the time and headspace you deserve

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    Real-time chat functionality to enable a two-way communication with the worker

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    Huge agency savings and robust rate controls

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    Bespoke configuration, specialist knowledge & hands-on support is our commitment to you.


Employer Hub

Integrate seamlessly with other workforce systems, our easy-to-use hub is used by employers to manage the staffing process end-to-end. Broadcast shifts in real-time, control rates in line with NHS, manage electronic timesheets and much more.


Data Insights

Unlock the power over your data with 'CuRis Analytics' - the platform unlocking a wealth of real-time insights to make more effective, data-driven decisions. Manage actual & forecasted spend, meet targets, assess staff cover issues and far more.

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